Here an overview of all the Explore Lab participants plus some references to their work.

Explore Lab 5 [September 2007]

Jan Bosch, fascination: city-junction: invert and activate an infrastructural junction based on defining relationships between different urban fragments in Highbury/Islington, London.

Joost van Nes, fascination: shoppingmalls

Carmen Buitenhuis, fascination: improvement of living environments of prostitutes in the Amsterdam red light district

Marije Oosterhof, fascination: Biochemical decay of facades, the green city

Edwin Gardner, fascination: Architecture (re)claiming Intiative -or- Unsollicited Architecture
homepage: / work:

Marten Dashorst, fascination: “the global anti-global – speed, security and space”
homepage: 2613 say yeah!

Kamiel van Kreij, fascination: physical and Sensory Intensification in Architecture

Annamaria van Enk, fascination: involving locals in the design process of architectural intervention in the urban poor peripheries

Janneke Hulshof, fascination: An architectural reply at the changing dutch landscape

Margreet van der Vlies, fascination: more selfesteem in bad barrios of Curacao by architectural interventions

Jos de Krieger, fascination: sustainability, waste materials and concerts

Erik Courrier, fascination: fitting ecologically self-sufficient houses in metropolitan areas

Sietze Meijer, fascination: Finding Real Solutions for Refugee Housing

Marleen de Ruiter, fascination: architectural interventions with an effect on urban level.

Anthony Fuchs, fascination: informality

Sandra Schijf, fascination: The sidewalk is a pedestal and the world is a museum | Interventions in the public domain

Ania Molenda, fascination: strategies for redevelopement of the areas of allotments in wroclaw

Una Eydis Finnsdóttir, fascination: Combination between the industrial development, the changing landscape and nature conservatives in the eastern part of Iceland.

Matthijs van Loon, fascination: Development of medium size cities in Brazil homepage:

Jaap Klaarenbeek, fascination: informality

Charalampos Cheizanoglou, fascination: informality
homepages: The Nature of informality, Anarchitecture, Crazy Cows (written in Greek)

Rachel Keeton, fascination: slum development in Kampala, Uganda

Siska Surya, fascination: looking for sustainable solutions for kampongs in Jakarta

Lot Bakker, fascination: Architecture in the field of human development

Merel Stolker, fascination: Transformation of the trade area of Istanbul trough the increase of tourism

Explore Lab 4 [February 2007]

name, graduation topic: ….
graduation project: …. / homepage: … / work: … / …

Explore Lab 3 [September 2006]

name, graduation topic: ….
graduation project: …. / homepage: … / work: … / …

Explore Lab 2 [February 2006]

name, graduation topic: ….
graduation project: …. / homepage: … / work: … / …

Explore Lab 1 [September 2005]

name, graduation topic: ….
graduation project: …. / homepage: … / work: … / …


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