Dear explore-lab 5,

We have thought of the workshops, and present you an idea of how to implement this, for the whole group (the Dutch- and English-group) of Explore-lab 5. In the past we’ve done four workshops every time:
1) Research-driven, process-driven
2/3) International exchange, competitive elements
4) Visiting critics

We propose to skip the first workshop, since nowadays we have the history thesis which takes time and quite some people go abroad. According to our perception this workshop will be a little too much for this year. What we have left are the two exchange-workshops, and the visiting critics.

Visiting critics
Our experience learns that the fourth workshop, visiting critics, isn’t really a workshop. We propose that we will altogether invite visiting critics along the year, whenever we feel we can use some input. The idea is that every graduation-student thinks about a visiting critic later in the process. In a general meeting we can discuss one or more dates when we will invite some people.

Of course there are two exchange-programs, home and return. We propose to create for the home-workshop a more research-driven approach, and for the return-workshop to participate in a competition. Both workshops will take around 4 days:

Exchange-workshop: home
We can use the first workshop to get to know each other, work together and dig into each others subjects. Explore-lab 5 contains various kinds of subjects, it would be nice to learn about each others point-of-view, and at the same time bring the subject on a higher level.

This workshop needs to take place early in the year, while we are still in the explorative process, for example the beginning of oktober. We can make four groups of people that each want to organise one day of the workshop, around their own interests. The idea is that the exchange students stay at our homes as guests.

Exchange-workshop: return
The second workshop we can use to return to our guests from the first workshop. It is useful as a break in your own process, and to partly apply your process of thinking in a design exercise. This would be a nice step into the second semester, to get into the design-thinking again. In the second semester we will all create a design, based on the research of the first semester to experiment and prototype with our research.

This workshop takes place right after the P2 (second evaluation) and requires some organisation ahead of it, like booking tickets etc. The competition can be proposed by the university abroad.

In order to let the first workshop take place in the beginning of oktober, our idea for the first abroad university is the one in Manchester, because we have a good contact and good experience with them. The professor there, named “Greg”, is specialised in bio-climatic design, who can lecture in a very inspiring way. We want to contact an abroad university in short terms, in order to succeed with the planning. A reoccurring element we constantly face is the speed the year will pass by…

We welcome all of your input, but ask you to respond quickly on this matter. Also, we ask you to complete the details in the Google-spreadsheet document, Joost sent a few weeks ago.

Finally a rough planning of presentations coming year.

Presentations explore lab 5 2007/2008
workshop 1 1-5 oktober ’07
Presentation 1 25/26 oktober 2007
Presentation 2 17/18 januari 2008
workshop 2 28jan.’08 – 1 feb.’08
Presentation 3 27/28 maart 2008
Presentation 4 29/30 mei 2008
Presentation 5 26/27 juni 2008

(dates of the workshops are still proposals, possibly workshop 2 will find place one/two weeks later)


Joost van Ettekoven
Onno Faber


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