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For Lot, Ciska, Sietze, Rachel and all others involved in sustainable design in developing countries. Cameron Sinclair created a network of open source architecture for instant sustainable development. Many interesting and inspirational initiatives.

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and we need to build a shitload of emergency housing, real fast?

well, that’s a good question, and they want the answer to it, so they started a design competition for post-disaster provisional housing.

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yes, it does. and it’s also inflatable.

looking at this image it doesn’t really seem appropriate for emergency housing, since it is quite high tech, but you never know if there is an NGO with some secret money stash or IT-millionaire-turned-philantrophist.

The architects, Lateral Architecture, have an interesting website, that also feature other projects with amazing names like spray pattern, soil horizon and between landscapes.

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In case you did not know yet, since it’s old…(I didn’t…)

‘Built in conjunction with World Environment Day 2005, ScrapHouse illustrates the possibilities—as well as the challenges—of green building, recycling, and reuse.’ (…) ‘Originally conceived as a documentary film, Emmy award-winning filmmaker Anna Fitch filmed every step of the way for a documentary that was broadcast on the National Geographic Channel in September 2006.’ (from _

their website;

and, a video:


in case you have not seen this yet:

Cameron Sinclair [co-founder of Architecture for Humanity]demonstrates how passionate designers and architects can respond to world housing crises. The motto of his group, Architecture for Humanity, is “Design like you give a damn.” Using a litany of striking examples, he shows how AFH has helped find creative solutions to humanitarian crises all over the globe. Sinclair then outlines his TED Prize wish: to create a global open-source network that will let architects and communities share and build designs to house the world.”

the open-source network;


according to living in peru, people have started rebuilding their homes, that got destroyed in the august 2007 earthquake, without the necessary building permits, creating new dangers for future trembles.  there are already regulations for self-construction in the slums of peruvian cities, but people that have been homeless for more than a month have now started to rebuild with no supervision from the local authorities.

if we accept the fact that a shelter against the elements is a persons first priority, we should also accept that people looking for shelter will not always do this according to regulations and prescriptions. people are willing to use anything in their close environments to build a roof. shigeru ban post-tsunami housing proposing to use soda-crates as foundation for housing (and than the brand depending on where the foundation needs to be build – eg. in the netherlands we would use heineken crates, in belgium jupiler) and truck covers as roof (how many freitag bags can you make out of that?) is perhaps the most famous one, but the acknowledgment of this fact has lead to a lot more interesting proposals, like the housing pictographs by fred cuny, the sandbag shelters by nader khalili or the hexayurt.

post-tsunami housing

sand bag shelter

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