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A Dialogue with Public Space is a project to engage the general public with public space. I travelled around London creating a series of typographic interventions within the environment. These featured rhetoric statements which encourage questions about the nature and success of public space.

work by Robin Howie, check more about this project



through wooster collective.

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Wooster is ” A street in the Soho section of New York City” and collective is ” Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision.”

together this makes Wooster Collective: “The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.”

and they show a lot of street art.

inspiration abound. marten

In False Flat some connection are made between “Dutchness” and our specific brand of design. So there are also some connection made between the modern dutch polder landscape (and even mindset) and Dutch Design.

here some links: Speak Up! – book review and DESIGNNWS

and critique: False Flat Indeed! – Ole Bouman

interesting documentary on one of those other arab emirates states – Ras al-Khaimah – that took a good look at her sisters, put a cross on the map and decided that’s where a new city would be built. By OMA, with some help of Snohetta.

the Sand Castle

through archinect, with the follow-up discussion right here.

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sorry the docu is in dutch and spanish…
In mei was er er een hele toffe documentaire op tegenlicht, ik vond het erg inspirerend…
grtjs, margreet


In Carácas: De Informele Stad portretteert Rob Schröder een stad die in veel opzichten exemplarisch is voor de exploderende urbanisatie op continenten als Afrika en Zuid-Amerika. Met de jonge, activistische architecten Alfredo Brillembourg en Hubert Klumpner, trok Schröder dit voorjaar door de barrios van Carácas, de sloppenwijken waar Commandante Chávez zijn machtsbasis heeft.

de informele stad

archinect features an interesting interview with Nils Norman, a London-based (graphic) artist, who has now crossed the boundaries of his art and entered the realm of architecture and urbanism.

a few excerpts from the interview:

“I’ve tried to construct an interdisciplinary practice whereby I could do more fanciful Utopian proposals in a gallery or museum, but also push the working boundaries of these institutions with real projects.”

“I always wonder why architects see themselves in this old-school “genius creator” kind of role, much more than most of the artists I know do.”

“Why should all these public spaces be privatized? Was anyone asked if they wanted another ridiculous mall in their neighborhood?”

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muamar gadafy has shifted his vision, and therefor libya’s from being a big playa in terro(u)rism to being a big playa in ecotourism. today the libyan government revealed plans for a 2.25 bn euro development of the libyan coast, aka the green mountain. it will, in the future, contain everything from sustainable hotels, archeological conservation, eco/microbanking to biological food – maybe even carbon neutral IEDs.

well, if even mr. bad himself has his eyes opened, maybe we should start thinking about a new axis of evil. one, not with states that threaten our western concept of ‘democracy’ and ‘liberty’, but states that seriously fuck us up, naturewise. new on no. 1: the USA.

soon, the whole of libya will look like this one, the tempel of zeus

through the guardian and the bbc, found on archinect.

also: Architourism: Authentic, Escapist, Exotic, Spectacular on

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“REBAR is a collaborative group of creators, designers and activists based in San Francisco. Rebar’s work ranges broadly in scale, scope and context, and therefore belies discrete categorization. It is, at minimum, situated in the domains of environmental installation, urbanism and absurdity.”

these guys are the amazing creators of the amazing urban installation called Park(ing)

they actually mapped parking lots in san francisco, and made a masterplan for an even distribution of temporary green areas in the city during Park(ing) day.

the rest of the project was self-sustaining: anybody interested could pick up a roll of grass, pick out a parking spot, insert money in the meter and enjoi the good life.

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sometimes green is just a dumpster’s roof away.

“The dumpster enclosure roofs in the downtown parking lots are alive!”

through green roofs…. for dumpsters

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