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Urban Acupuncture

“City is not a problem, city is a solution” – Jaime Lerner “For many city governments seeking visible improvements in their congested streets, the pace of change is measured in months and years. For Jaime Lerner, it’s measured in hours. As mayor of Curitiba, he transformed a gridlocked commercial artery into a spacious pedestrian mall over a long weekend, before skeptical merchants had time to finish reading their Monday papers.

Since then he’s become a hero not only to his fellow Brazilians, but also to the growing ranks of municipal planners seeking greener, more sustainable cities. His dictum that “creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget” has inspired a number of his unique solutions to urban problems, including sheltered boarding tubes to improve speed of bus transit; a garbage-for-food program allowing Curitibans to exchange bags of trash for bags of groceries; and trimming parkland grasses with herds of sheep.

In addition to serving three terms as mayor of Curitiba, Lerner has twice been elected governor of Parana State in Brazil. His revolutionary career in urban planning and architecture has not only improved cities worldwide, but has also brought him international renown. Among his many awards are the United Nations Environmental Award (1990), the Child and Peace Award from UNICEF (1996), and the 2001 World Technology Award for Transportation.”

Watch here Lerner’s speech on (English)

Lerner’s homepage (Portuguese)

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“REBAR is a collaborative group of creators, designers and activists based in San Francisco. Rebar’s work ranges broadly in scale, scope and context, and therefore belies discrete categorization. It is, at minimum, situated in the domains of environmental installation, urbanism and absurdity.”

these guys are the amazing creators of the amazing urban installation called Park(ing)

they actually mapped parking lots in san francisco, and made a masterplan for an even distribution of temporary green areas in the city during Park(ing) day.

the rest of the project was self-sustaining: anybody interested could pick up a roll of grass, pick out a parking spot, insert money in the meter and enjoi the good life.

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“Designed to draw together city neighborhoods divided by a freeway, this 1,300-foot-long park weaves over a garage, and under a street. Its waterfall masks the din of traffic. Other park delights include trees, flowers, cascading fountains, pools, concrete crags in a ‘metaphorical landscape,’ and a gorge.”

info on: the cultural landscape foundation

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in New York City

I’ve got a better idea [than congestion pricing], instead of building a massive infrastructure to watch the roads and bill the drivers a measly $8 a day, why not make driving in New York City (or at least Manhattan or in the legislative terms the CBD) truly expensive and clear the streets right out. Why not ban public parking? Just cut it out completely. Any vehical left unattended on a Manhattan CBD street gets towed. Real simple.

through abstract dynamics

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