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and we need to build a shitload of emergency housing, real fast?

well, that’s a good question, and they want the answer to it, so they started a design competition for post-disaster provisional housing.

through anarchitecture

enjoi. marten


dutch people reading the NRC newspaper, and especially this weekend, probably didn’t miss it: a special part on the ‘week van de geschiedenis‘/week of history, from october 12 to october 21, anywhere near you. firstly, two things:

1: hey, that’s not a week, that’s 10 days!

and 2: what’s up with all these weeks, days and years with a special theme? week of taste, year of architecture, day of peace, week of the birdhouse!?! it’s just waiting for something like the week of the discontinued underwear line at H&M that i liked so much because you could wear them inside out and nobody would notice or the day of verbal violence. there is no humility anymore…

anyway, back to the week of history. this years theme is living, which is, how coincidental, kind of something we are interested in. lots of uninteresting sidetracks, but there are a few interesting ones. the one i didn’t want to keep a secret (because you don’t have to be proficient in your dutch) is the ‘smaaktest‘ by faro architecten. it has been set up as an online enquiry in what kind of housing we prefer. do we dig highrise or don’t we dig highrise? it’s all possible in this test. a 100 projects are shown in 15-second sets, and all you have to do is rate them from 1 to 10. and have the patience to rate all 100, of course.

when you are finished, your top 5 will be shown, together with those of ‘people that know jack about architecture’, ‘architects’ and ‘building professionals’ (i guess architects are not considered building professionals anymore –> maybe something for Edwin to investigate ;-)). interesting is that both ‘architects’ and ‘building professionals’ rate het schip by michiel de klerk highest, that ‘architects’ rate some jiggy postmodern house lowest while the ‘people that know jack about architecture’ think a high rise is least favourable as a place to live (i disagreed on that one, but hey, i’m an architect and i only look at aesthetics, not at the social consequences of my grotesque dreams of a living machine – that also happen to be a form of biological wastewater treatment designed to mimic the cleansing functions of wetlands).

the people that put the test together tried to get a decent-cross section of the houses that have been built over the years, so everything from superdutch like the whale to the most anonymous housing blocks can be voted on, making it interesting not only for the dutch, but also for foreigners, since you finally get to see something other then the regular OMA stuff (what!?! there’s other dutch architects than Rem?!). one thing of criticism though: there are no descriptions of the houses, so even that very special house will forever be just an image and nothing more.

keep dreaming. marten