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archinect features an interesting interview with Nils Norman, a London-based (graphic) artist, who has now crossed the boundaries of his art and entered the realm of architecture and urbanism.

a few excerpts from the interview:

“I’ve tried to construct an interdisciplinary practice whereby I could do more fanciful Utopian proposals in a gallery or museum, but also push the working boundaries of these institutions with real projects.”

“I always wonder why architects see themselves in this old-school “genius creator” kind of role, much more than most of the artists I know do.”

“Why should all these public spaces be privatized? Was anyone asked if they wanted another ridiculous mall in their neighborhood?”

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well, at least they do it in los angeles. the funny thing is they call a lot of these malls over there in SoCal walks… i’d rather call them crawls.

the anaheim garden walk, through curbed LA.

plus a list of my personal favorites over there:

universal city walk by the jerde partnership (the guy that gave rotterdam the beurstraverse/koopgoot). this one is quite interesting, since the initial masterplan provided for housing on top of the shops (something you don’t see too often in malls), but that the client declined due to ‘security issues’. great chapter on shopping mall security in mike davis’ city of quartz too, by the way.

the grove. as with most shopping malls, you have to enter through the parking lot.. but this one is in the middle of the city! you really really have to look for a pedestrian access… including a tram that runs for about 500 meters.

the beverly center. again, in the middle of the city. built on top of 5 stories of parking, and only now they have started to construct escalotors you can access from street level.

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after french justice, the world is now also gay for social justice.

according to wikipedia, social justice “refers to the concept of a just society, where “justice” refers to more than just the administration of laws. It is based on the idea of a society which gives individuals and groups fair treatment and a just share of the benefits of society. Different proponents of social justice have developed different interpretations of what constitutes fair treatment and a just share. It can also mean distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society or community.”

especially architects are starting to realize that we are not just here to make nice buildings, we are also here to make a difference. two of these architects making a difference are ava bromberg and nicholas brown, who are organizing an exhibition event in los angeles in septoctnov, just space(s). it aims to give an overview of the unjust spaces of the past and present, and tries to inspire visitors to create the just spaces of the future.

lots to read here:

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the godfather of just(ice), MLK

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for Anna,

future alternative way of allotments distribution, mobility?

maybe not the first thing you’d think about with wroclaw, but in the netherlands it could probably work. no more closing down of canals, just put these in….

a barge grows (food) in Brooklyn


about the barge


this could be a nice blog for your project.

Check out this Website, especially Sietze. Examples of how the Africans make their gadgets with what’s available in their context. (also very informal by the way ­čśë