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Blog Etiquette

All-tough i appreciate all the activity on the blog, we should try to make it a properly organized one! So this is in response to the last couple of posts.

1 – the blog is not a link dump!
Of course you can post links, but give a little more elaborate information on what it is about, and not just the link, and even better put an image if there is one. These things make reading the blog more use-full and valuable.

2 – don’t react/comment with a post!
Responding to posts and/or asking questions is fine, but do it in a ‘comment’. (click on ‘comments’ to do so ;))

Please take these simple guidelines into account.thanx,

marten adds:

3 – please put your name under a post
since wordpress does not automatically do this (in this template)

4 – please put the person you recommend the post for in the title
makes it easier to search if you havent been around for a long time. once we get to know each other, we might even be able to tag posts with people’s names…



Although it’s already in the listed links, BLDGBLOG features some articles you might want to read, like:

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