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Permaculture has everything to do with this: The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children. meaning, we should design in such a way we leave minimal trace of our existence, live self-sufficient, and basically, act like a bunch of freaking hippies.

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The Solid House Foundation’s (SHF) objective is to create, conduct and facilitate housing projects in poor communities. Next to this, the SHF stands for empowering local organisations with both knowledge and practical skills. The intention of this increase of knowledge is to enable local inhabitants’ associations to independently prepare and build successful housing projects. The construction is therefore done in a fairly simple, inexpensive and sustainable manner.



sometimes green is just a dumpster’s roof away.

“The dumpster enclosure roofs in the downtown parking lots are alive!”

through green roofs…. for dumpsters

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At the 1994 latvian independance, the soviet army left Karosta ( KARA OSTA : war harbor ), one of the military soviet quarters on the Baltic coast in Latvia. By leaving Karosta, they provided to the town Liepaja a new potential area for town development. During the chaotic first years of independance, Karosta turned quickly into a ghetto with high-rated criminality and unemployement. For the last years, this situation got better. Still, social and economical issues need to be improved.
Labichampi ( Labi : well, good ) is an Exyzt proposition for the Karosta neighbourhood. Aware that a political strategy has already been engaged for a ten year period progressive destruction of the old soviet blocks, we reacted to the current local issues with a short-term project.
We propose therefore to develop a prototype of a micro urban farm. It should be able to supply alternative ressources of the whole neighborhood in terms of local food production and potential incomes.
Among the alimentary habits and cultures in Latvia, the mushroom culture seems the most adapted to micro urban farming.Thus the creation of a Karosta informal mushroom company. The urban farm project should be a sustainable and shared activity that would incite local inhabitants to participate and get involved with their environment.

EXYZT and the LAMBICHAMPI project site


how to (possibly) execute sustainable urban renewal, in a creative way.


not a cornfield

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future alternative way of allotments distribution, mobility?

maybe not the first thing you’d think about with wroclaw, but in the netherlands it could probably work. no more closing down of canals, just put these in….

a barge grows (food) in Brooklyn


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