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like christmas trees.

or other things…. why don’t we use the water of our energy-guzzling aquariums for flushing the toilet, or the catty litter as fertilizer, or whatever! check out RIGHT HERE.

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through wooster collective.

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Wooster is ” A street in the Soho section of New York City” and collective is ” Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision.”

together this makes Wooster Collective: “The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.”

and they show a lot of street art.

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In False Flat some connection are made between “Dutchness” and our specific brand of design. So there are also some connection made between the modern dutch polder landscape (and even mindset) and Dutch Design.

here some links: Speak Up! – book review and DESIGNNWS

and critique: False Flat Indeed! – Ole Bouman

and we need to build a shitload of emergency housing, real fast?

well, that’s a good question, and they want the answer to it, so they started a design competition for post-disaster provisional housing.

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sorry it’s dutch. its an interview from the program Netwerk from the 2nd of october about the benefit of development aid of the last fifty years.

De ontwikkelingshulp van de laatste vijftig jaar heeft nauwelijks iets uitgehaald. Dat stelt de Amerikaanse econoom William Easterly. Onlangs verscheen de Nederlandse vertaling van zijn boek over dit onderwerp. In Netwerk een interview met Easterly. Presentatie: Tijs van den Brink.


Here is an organisation who deal with slums and shacks. Looking around on their website learned that the at least provide a lot of info: documents, pictures, videos, links etc. What they actually do was not totally clear to me. I would say: check it out!

viel spass!


yes, it does. and it’s also inflatable.

looking at this image it doesn’t really seem appropriate for emergency housing, since it is quite high tech, but you never know if there is an NGO with some secret money stash or IT-millionaire-turned-philantrophist.

The architects, Lateral Architecture, have an interesting website, that also feature other projects with amazing names like spray pattern, soil horizon and between landscapes.

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interesting documentary on one of those other arab emirates states – Ras al-Khaimah – that took a good look at her sisters, put a cross on the map and decided that’s where a new city would be built. By OMA, with some help of Snohetta.

the Sand Castle

through archinect, with the follow-up discussion right here.

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