for Sietze & others on informality: rebuilding as if nothing happened

according to living in peru, people have started rebuilding their homes, that got destroyed in the august 2007 earthquake, without the necessary building permits, creating new dangers for future trembles.  there are already regulations for self-construction in the slums of peruvian cities, but people that have been homeless for more than a month have now started to rebuild with no supervision from the local authorities.

if we accept the fact that a shelter against the elements is a persons first priority, we should also accept that people looking for shelter will not always do this according to regulations and prescriptions. people are willing to use anything in their close environments to build a roof. shigeru ban post-tsunami housing proposing to use soda-crates as foundation for housing (and than the brand depending on where the foundation needs to be build – eg. in the netherlands we would use heineken crates, in belgium jupiler) and truck covers as roof (how many freitag bags can you make out of that?) is perhaps the most famous one, but the acknowledgment of this fact has lead to a lot more interesting proposals, like the housing pictographs by fred cuny, the sandbag shelters by nader khalili or the hexayurt.

post-tsunami housing

sand bag shelter

more links here, at worldChanging

enjoi. marten


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