RSVP Events

I just wanted to do some shameless advertising, for the upcoming Archis RSVP events, which i think could be really interesting for some of the subjects you guys are working on. The general idea of RSVP events is this:

Archis r.s.v.p. Events, Response-based Events: A Quest for Ideas and Action, Featuring You and Archis
Archis r.s.v.p. Events are tactical interventions done all over the world. The form of each event is determined by the character of the place and the size of the response.

The upcoming event are listed here, Kabul will be in the last week of October:

Event # 11 Kabul, October 2007 – Security
Event # 12 Chennai, Winter 2007/08 – Shelter
Event # 13 Tijuana, Spring 2008 – Fairness
Event # 14 Ulaanbaator, Summer 2008 – Sustainability
Event # 15 Taichung, Date TBD – Dialogue
Event # 16 Place and Date TBD – A Call for Ideas

Check the RSVP website
and previous RSVP events


ciao Edwin


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