for Una: muammar Gadafy’s seeing green

muamar gadafy has shifted his vision, and therefor libya’s from being a big playa in terro(u)rism to being a big playa in ecotourism. today the libyan government revealed plans for a 2.25 bn euro development of the libyan coast, aka the green mountain. it will, in the future, contain everything from sustainable hotels, archeological conservation, eco/microbanking to biological food – maybe even carbon neutral IEDs.

well, if even mr. bad himself has his eyes opened, maybe we should start thinking about a new axis of evil. one, not with states that threaten our western concept of ‘democracy’ and ‘liberty’, but states that seriously fuck us up, naturewise. new on no. 1: the USA.

soon, the whole of libya will look like this one, the tempel of zeus

through the guardian and the bbc, found on archinect.

also: Architourism: Authentic, Escapist, Exotic, Spectacular on

enjoi. marten


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