For all you guys that are into informality..

Unhoused is a public place for us, Ava Bromberg and Brett Bloom, to conduct research for a forthcoming publication we are calling “Unhoused”. The book is a follow up to our double-book “Belltown Paradise / Making Their Own Plans” which is available for free through our site. This journal will be a place for us to post and share our research and information gathering, which we hope is interesting to others working on issues of global housing crisis and creative actions taken to counter them in very particular, localized ways.

In the Field’s work begins by looking at, listening to, and learning from how people transform the spaces they inherit and build new spaces based on their needs and desires. We seek out and celebrate the enormous creativity of these ordinary actions. Whether appearing as a spontaneously generated public space, in modifications to existing spaces, or in an example of self-housing or community generated urban planning, we take these hyper-local articulations as a rich entry point into understanding the complex ways in which the built environment is shaped. We gather these examples in books, field guides, and exhibitions with the aim of sharing good strategies and making little known projects visible. We consciously work with the power of adjacencies because together projects can bring to bare ideas and concepts larger than any project viewed in isolation.

We blend approaches and knowledge from visual art, urban planning, and creative activism. We operate in an exploded field and work to expand it further still because we care about opening up spaces for new possibilities and social forms.


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